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Hi, my name's Donna. I'm a 20 year old Literature and History Student you likes to read (a lot) and make youtube videos.

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Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen, Alfred Mac Adam I'm not going to fully review this, because like with most Austen's I feel like I need to read it twice before I'm really ready to tear it apart. However I do have a few thoughts to share.This is probably my least favourite of the Austen's I've read, but I still did enjoy it. I always enjoy her writing style and narrative voice and I really enjoyed the exploration of the theme of reading (and what is worthwhile reading). Catherine's pleasure in novels at times gets her into trouble as she appropriates novel like situations to her own life. However, while pointing out the dangers of 'living within your imagination' Austen also shows that reading novels (as opposed to more 'serious' fiction)is a worthwhile endeavor. This is definitely something I'll explore more when I read this again.I also thought Catherine went through some good character development throughout the book, especially the growth in activity, as she rather passively follows the characters around in the early parts of the book (not that you can really fault her for this, especially when she arrives in Bath and is dependent on others to introduce her into society). Moreover, I enjoyed Henry Tilney as our romantic lead. He was sweet, though I can't help but find he encouraged and took advantage of Catherine when he tells the story of the cabinet to her on the way to Northanger Abbey. While Catherine runs away with the idea, Henry certainly seemed to plant the seeds in her head. Finally we have the Thorpes, Isabella being a quite typical female villain. It was easy to see her duplicity from the start, however there was enough mystery surrounding the Tilney's behavior also, to keep the plot ambiguous while I was reading.