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Hi, my name's Donna. I'm a 20 year old Literature and History Student you likes to read (a lot) and make youtube videos.

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The Soulkeepers - G.P. Ching I have to say I was hoping for more from this book. I went into it knowing nothing really about it (apart from the blurb) and the concept seemed interesting however for me everything about it was a bit meh. The plot was pretty predictable and I developed no attachments to any of the characters at all (especially the main character, who was an asshole). Similarly the mythology of the book was just not what I expected and it just didn't do it for me (moreover the religious overtones of the book were too much at times- while it wasn't full on, there were times when I felt I was begin preached to and while I don't mind using religion as a basis for your mythology, I did not like how it was done here).All in all it probably wasn't a terrible book, but it was not a book for me and so I wouldn't recommend it.